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About us

Odaklan has played a vital and distinguished role in the field of silver and accessories trade, since its launch in Turkey in 2021.

Odaklan specializes in exporting silver goods and products from Turkey to the Middle East, whether the goods are produced by it, manufactured for it, or ready-made, and it is characterized by high professionalism and credibility in its work.


Through our practical experience in the Turkish markets, and their centrality in the Middle East, we have seen the need for companies importing from Turkey for safe and more attractive alternatives, so that they are fully aware of the Turkish markets and the real opportunities they contain.


Turkey competes well with the largest international markets, in the areas of silver production and manufacture, and at the level of competitive prices as well. However, the Turkish market has not yet been discovered entirely.


Hence, "Odaklan" company has emerged as an alternative that produces and exports, and as a link between major investors wishing to benefit from the Turkish silver markets, and between these markets and companies, by providing the requirements of importers within professional conditions and distinguished results, which reflects its experience in the Turkish markets.


Why Odaklan?

Perhaps the most important thing that encourages businessmen to choose Odaklan over others is that it offers them one or more of these advantages:

1-     Better quality products.

2-     Broader market and production options and more alternatives

3-     Faster transaction, stronger attention and instant professional communication. In English and Arabic.


How do I import goods from Turkey?

Odaklan makes it easy for companies and businessmen to find what they require in the Turkish markets, where the customer's request goes through several stages as follows...

1-     Receipt of the request.

2-     Find the best product

3-     Manufacture of the product.

4-     Packaging.

5-     Customs clearance.

6-     Shipping and delivery.

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